UAF Legacy Health will be closed on November 23rd & 24th in Observance of Thanksgiving Day.

UAF Thrive

Join Our Holistic Healthcare Community

At UAF Legacy Health we understand that support and community are a vital piece of everyone’s health journey. No one should feel alone when dealing with HIV-related issues. We have social and supportive resources available to anyone in Utah living with HIV, that provide a space to talk with people in similar circumstances. We are continually adapting our programming and aim to add more programs focusing on the larger LGBTQ+ community. Please call us for availability and information.

THRIVE Support

Thrive Support provides social support in the form of group therapy and other support groups.

HIV Positive Men’s Support Group is designed to help men share concerns about living with HIV/AIDS, meet others who empathize with each other, and learn how to talk to family and loved ones about difficult issues. The group is held every Wednesday evening from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at UAF Legacy Health (schedule subject to change). This is an open group; client space is available. If you have questions, please call.

THRIVE Community

Thrive Community provides and addresses the need for social support and a sense of community.

Community events include educational dinners, parties, and more.

THRIVE Movement

Thrive Movement is an avenue to help you engage in regular physical activity in a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible atmosphere.

Movement events include walking groups and challenges, as well as mindful movement stretching classes.

THRIVE Education

Thrive Education supports ongoing learning and skill development.

Educational events include lectures, resources, and a collaborative community.