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At-Home HIV Test Kits

Rapid, Confidential, Trustworthy

UAF Legacy Health is your reliable partner for rapid, anonymous, and trustworthy health testing. We focus on delivering fast results without compromising accuracy, offering anonymous testing services to ensure your privacy, and fostering a trustworthy relationship with our patients based on respect and transparency. We understand the sensitive nature of health testing and are dedicated to providing a service that prioritizes your needs and concerns.

How it works

  • 1. Send us your information. All information is collected using a HIPAA compliant online service and is kept strictly confidential. The link can be found at the bottom of this page. 
  • 2. A free HIV test is discreetly shipped to the address you provide. Tests are shipped out every Monday and Thursday afternoon  through USPS. You will receive an email informing you the package as been shipped. All tests are sent in nondescript packaging. 
  • 3. Follow the instructions provided in the test.  Each test contains easy to follow instructions on how to perform the test and read the results. 
  • 4. Let us know the results of your test using the instructions included with the kit.

What if my results come back as positive? 

Receiving a positive HIV test result can be stressful no matter what setting you are in, but it can be especially frightening when you are home alone. If your test returns a positive result, please contact Bobbi, our HIV Prevention Coordinator, as soon as possible. She will be able to answer your questions, talk you through the next steps, and connect you with resources that you may need. 

Please note that these tests are used to screen for evidence of HIV and cannot be used to diagnose an HIV infection. If your test does return a positive result, it does not necessarily mean you have contracted HIV. It means that further testing is required. 

Clinical HIV & STI Testing

Early detection is key when treating and managing STIs and STDs. We offer quick, non-judgmental testing services so you can be proactive about your sexual health.

Clinical HIV & STI Testing

European young man sitting in a chair in the lobby waiting

After-Hours Test Site

For your convenience and ease, UAF Legacy Health offers walk-in testing for HIV, STDs, and STIs. No appointment is needed.

HIV/STI Test Site