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PrEP & PEP Medications

Preventing HIV

When it comes to HIV and other STIs, prevention and early detection are key. Our comprehensive sexual health services include routine screenings and education and counseling on safer sex practices in a welcoming, judgment-free environment.

PrEP Medication

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a preventative approach for people who are at high risk of getting HIV. It involves taking a specific medicine daily to reduce the risk of infection. We offer PrEP consultations and ongoing monitoring to ensure it’s working effectively for you, while also providing education and support to help you maintain your overall health.

PEP Medication

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is a method to prevent HIV infection after a recent possible exposure. It involves taking antiretroviral medicines as soon as possible, ideally within 72 hours of exposure. We provide PEP consultations and treatment, as well as follow-up care to ensure the medication’s effectiveness and support your overall well-being.

Due to the time sensitive nature of the medication, please contact our clinic immediately for a consultation at 801-823-1988. If you need assistance after regular business hours or on the weekend, please go directly to an Emergency Room or InstaCare

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Have Questions?

What is PrEP?

PrEP, or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, is a preventive measure that involves taking medication daily to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV.

What is PEP?

PEP, or Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, is a course of antiretroviral drugs taken after potential exposure to HIV to prevent the virus from establishing an infection

Which Do I Need?

If you’re regularly having sex, PrEP could be a good option. If you’ve had a recent possible exposure to HIV, PEP may be recommended. Always consult with a healthcare provider for personalized advice.

How Effective are PrEP and PEP?

When taken correctly and consistently, PrEP can reduce the risk of getting HIV from sex by about 99%, and PEP can prevent HIV infection if started within 72 hours of exposure.

Can I get PrEP & PEP For Free?

Many health insurance plans cover the cost of PrEP and PEP, and there are also assistance programs available to help cover costs for those who qualify. Consult with our care providers for more information about your options.